“Having hit my peak as a transcriptionist/office administrator in 2014 I knew it was time to discover a new path.  Having been a stay at home mom for 7 years I started my search for a program that would lead me to a job opportunity where I could work with my hands and be more active at work.

I have three children (all girls) who have all become more independent, and as one of their biggest role models I wanted to show them that we as women can do anything.

When I was accepted into the emPower program I went in with an open mind. I wasn’t sure which trade I would pick. As the weeks passed my interest in welding grew.  I have been so lucky in that my work placement, Aaron Machine Shop, hired me on after my work experience as an Apprentice Welder.  I could not have asked for a better team. I am the only female in the welding shop and  my coworkers have gone above and beyond in teaching me.

I’m so grateful that I am again employable and learning new skills everyday. Even though at the end of the day my feet are tired, and my muscles are sore, I feel accomplished and content.

Thank you emPower for taking me down this path. I am so grateful for this opportunity.” – Shvonne Shepherd

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A Manpower Alberta program.